Ear Wax Removal

Cerumen, or, more commonly known as Wax is a natural secretion produced by the ear to protect the skin and ear drum.  

Fun Fact – Ear wax is produced to keep creep crawlies out of your ears! It has a distinct smell and consistency that keeps them away! 

Ear wax is not dirty! In fact, it is quite the opposite, it is secreted to keep your ears clean and moisturised.  


Earwax becomes a problem when it builds up in the ear canal and becomes stuck, in this instance you need to seek advice from a Clinical Ear Care Specialist for wax removal services. 

 A build up of wax can cause: 

  • Reduced ability to hear 

  • Tinnitus  

  • Pain or discomfort  

  • Dry skin or itching in the ears  

  • If you are a hearing aid user your aids may block with wax or whistle.  


Sarah-Jane has been qualified in Micro suction earwax removal for many years and has recently gained competency in Endoscopic Microsuction.  This is the Gold Standard in wax removal technique.


The Procedure

Endoscopic micro suction is an instant safe, effective procedure to provide relief from wax build up. It is recognised by ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) consultants as the safest way to remove wax, over the more traditional method of irrigation and syringing. This procedure is completely safe and preferable if you have a perforated ear drum or have had previous operations on your ears. Micro suction is the recommended procedure by all governing bodies.  

Micro suction consists of using a small suction probe (hoover) to gently remove the wax using an endoscope so that we can see the ear canal in full detail. Sarah-Jane will also show you the inside of your ears  so you can see the before and after if you so wish!  


We also offer wax removal under our home visit service. Please contact us for more details. 


The cost :  


1 Ear - £60 

2 Ears - £90  


Home visit fee: An additional £35 is applied to any home visit. Home visits are exclusively offered to patients unable to travel to the clinic.

*if you attend the practice and there is no wax present, you will be charged a £40 consultation fee.