A comprehensive assessment of your hearing will take around 90 minutes. Sarah-Jane will use this time to find out as much as she can about your hearing difficulties, any past medical issues with your ears and what you hope to achieve from your appointment. Whether it is just for sound advice and a routine hearing check or whether you are ready to discuss amplification and proceed in obtaining better hearing, Sarah-Jane will help you every step of the way. 


What does a hearing assessment involve? 


A hearing test is a scientific evaluation that takes around 30 minutes to complete. Firstly, Sarah-Jane will have a look in your ears with a special camera to assess the condition of your ear canal and ear drum. Then, a set of headphones will be placed over your ears and you will be given a button so that you can respond to any tones you can hear, even if they sound as though they are coming from far away! Once both ears have been assessed Sarah-Jane will explain your results to you in detail and give you best advice based on these results.  

Discussing your options

Being told that you have a hearing loss can be a bewildering time, so, please feel free to ask Sarah-Jane any questions you may have throughout your consultation, this time is for you!  

If we discover that you have a hearing impairment it is important to discuss what your lifestyle entails so that, together, we can carefully consider hearing aid styles and technology capabilities.  

Hearing Aids are discreet, sophisticated devices that can integrate into all aspects of the users life, we can now even link them to our smartphones! We are way past the “big, brown, banana shaped aids of old!”


Once we have chosen the appropriate style of hearing aid for your hearing loss and technology for your lifestyle, we can discuss the aftercare packages available so that you have complete peace of mind for the life of your instruments.  

Sarah-Jane is passionate about providing optimum solutions for all her patients and will work with you to achieve better hearing. 

*At SJB Hearing Company we operate under a 60 Day Money Back guarantee*