"Sarah Jane is a skilled practitioner who inspires confidence. I had not had the best experiences with ear wax removal over the last couple of years, but Sarah Jane quickly diagnosed what the problem was and completely cleared both ears." - P.F, April 2022

"I first met Sarah Jane a good couple of years ago when I went to see here about my hearing. Since then I have sent a couple of neighbours to see her and they love her. So professional and honest you can't go wrong.
Keep up the good work.." - A.R, March 2022

"As a stubborn male I am guilty of putting up with discomfort and a bit of pain to save the embarrassment of admitting I have a 'problem'. I shouldn't have worried, Sarah-Jane is fantastic, friendly and really put me at ease. After a few visits I'm pain free and can hear again in both ears. I can't thank her enough." - N.E, March 2022

" Perfect service, very polite and professional, thankyou" -  W.M, February 2022

"I really can't begin to thank Sarah-Jane enough. She really has changed my life !!! After an awful encounter with another hearing company, Sarah-Jane got me booked in for my initial consultation. Here, she assessed my ears and discussed my results thoroughly with me so that I understood everything. We then agreed on which hearing aids would be better suited …and here we are a week later with my brand new hearing aids that have already made the world of difference in less than 24 hours. The entire process was so smooth and easy and Sarah-Jane is always on hand to answer any questions or queries. She has turned one of my worst experiences into the best. Don't waste your time with anyone else and get yourself straight to SJB Hearing. Thankyou SO MUCH Sarah-Jane!" - M.B, February 2022


"Thank you SJB for your personal and professional help, because of my hearing problem I was missing so much and getting to the end to of my tether, as were my family.  I would highly recommend SJ for her patience, not just during my initial appointments but for the follow up service. " - P.B, December 2021

" I have been totally pleased with my new hearing aids, I really miss them if I forget to put them in. Hearing is so important.

You have been very patient with me as I am now in my 70's and ask some silly questions but you have always helped me.

It is a relief to know you have someone to contact if you have any questions or problems." - E.L, NOVEMBER 2021


" I can't praise SJ enough. She is professional and extremely thorough but also very kind and gentle. She discovered two

foreign objects in my ear that were wedged against my eardrum. They were the ends of silicone ear plugs that had

degraded and broken off without me noticing. Thank you so much SJ for your skill in extracting them.

You are an Audiologist 'par excellence' and a lovely friend." - A.L, SEPTEMBER 2021 


From my initial consultation to the final fitting the whole procedure was simplicity itself. Top marks to Sarah-Jane and of course

the most important item - the hearing aid! - J.T, JULY 2021

" Thank you so much Sarah-Jane. Had an amazing consultation and treatment. Made me feel really at ease. Explained everything clearly.

Would highly recommend!" - T.C, MAY 2021

"Thank you, Sarah-Jane, for helping with my ears! Sarah-Jane gave me great advice for preventing swimmers ear which I often get and 

unblocked both ears. I was a bit nervous about the procedure but she was friendly and informative

which really put me at ease! 5 stars" - J.H, MAY 2021

" I thought my hearing was O.K until I visited Sarah-Jane and after having my hearing test. I was amazed at the difference it

made by having these hearing aids fitted. Everything is clearer and louder. Having had the after treatment, you could not find her more 

caring or sincere. She actually enjoys what she is doing and it shows! - M.R, MAR 2021

"I waited for quite some time before I decided to do something about my hearing loss.  Then I came across Sarah-Jane Brown and made an appointment. I have not been disappointed with the treatment from this lovely, friendly lady.  It is nice to hold a conversation without having to repeat oneself.  My family is very pleased, especially my nine-year-old grandson! 

I would recommend Sarah-Jane to anybody." - S.A, JAN 2021

"I have worn NHS Hearing Aids for many years and recently decided to upgrade to a more up to date digital system. SJB Hearing Company LTD was recommended to me as a particularly friendly and professional business. I contacted them and have since had my initial appointment and follow up appointments (at no extra cost) with Sarah-Jane, who has been meticulous in ensuring I had the correct aids that fitted comfortably and provided me with the best hearing possible. I would have no hesitation in recommended Sarah-Jane for her caring, friendly and professional approach, she is very reassuring." - T.C, JAN 2021


"From the moment I walked through the door Sarah-Jane was very friendly and professional. After having a hearing test, it was found that I had some hearing loss, and Sarah-Jane recommended hearing aids ,she explained in detail how they would work and recommended some that would best work for me .Since having them my hearing is much improved, the follow up and after care have been excellent and I would highly recommend SJB Hearing Company LTD." - J.Y, FEB 2021


“Some things in life you know are just right when they happen, and for me meeting Sarah-Jane was one of them.

Trying to sort out a solution to age-related hearing loss is a bit daunting and there are rather a lot of bewildering solutions out there.

Sarah-Jane quietly tells you what’s happening, how bad it is and what quite easy solutions there are.

She’s knowledgeable, confident, leads you through the process, and makes it all simple.

She makes sure that you understand everything, and is super-efficient. And once you have the solution, she just does everything to ensure that it’s all working, you go back time after time so she can check on everything, solves any problems, and makes free appointments weeks and months ahead. Always available, always understanding and always has the answers.

I hugely recommend her to anyone who has ear or hearing problems. She will know what to do.” – K.B-B, NOV 2020



“I am delighted to testify on the professional work and helpful assistance provided by SJB Hearing Company, to my wife and myself. We responded to a local advertisement not knowing anything about our hearing weakness or hearing aids. Sarah-Jane Brown has given us both every attention, beginning with ear cleaning and hearing aid tests. She has been expert on the practical side and in answering many doubts and questions in what has been a totally new experience for us. Every uncertainty has been overcome with clear answers and understanding practical work. She has made an immense difference to our lives, giving us a new confidence. We have benefitted from her knowledge and experience in providing first class aids and an extensive follow up service. We feel very fortunate to have found an excellent Audiologist at the first attempt!” – D.B, NOV 2020


“Sarah-Jane is fantastic. She saw my little boy today and I can’t thank her enough for sorting out his sore ear. Her calming nature put my son at ease and he loved it when she showed him a video of the inside of his ear. Such a pleasurable experience due to Sarah-Jane being so fab at what she does. Thank you Sarah-Jane!” – K.W, NOV 2020


“Most impressed. Quick efficient and effective – well worth the money!” – M.M, NOV 2020


“I had micro suction in both ears, I highly recommend SJB hearing company Ltd; fast and efficient service, Sarah-Jane is very professional with great customer care.” – K.H, Sept 2020


“Fantastic friendly and pain free service!! Amazing difference within 5mins of treatment cannot recommend this enough!! 10/10”

A.S, AUG 2020


“Very friendly and quick service even in the pandemic! I came in for musician’s ear plugs and was quickly contacted about my options and am now very pleased with the outcome. Thank you!” M.E, AUG 2020


“Would definitely recommend a visit to the lovely Sarah-Jane if you are having issues with you hearing. I went for ear wax removal .... wish I had found her 6 months ago! Service excellent, very professional, clean modern premises with extended opening hours to suit everyone. Have already sent my husband to see her and my son is going next week!! Thank you again Sarah-Jane...See you in six months.”

C.A, AUG 2020


“Fed up with being fobbed off by the doctors and during lockdown going completely deaf in one ear due to wax build up I finally decided to do something about it. Sarah-Jane was fantastic. Never had suction before it was simple and painless and such a joy to be able to hear again and in stereo. Worth every penny I paid.” L.K, AUG 2020


“ Sarah-Jane was very professional and showed great determination in clearing wax from his tricky small and twisting ear canals. Would highly recommend. Sarah-Jane was very pleasant with good customer care.” P.W, AUG 2020


“I have been having problems with my hearing for a number of years, Had a really thorough examination and consultation with Sarah Jane giving me lots of options to improve my hearing, fantastic service , Highly recommend” C.F, JULY 2020


“Superb service and after years of dull hearing My ears are both now clear! Thankyou” P.H, JULY 2020


“Just like to say my wife was suffering with bad ears and see the advert on Facebook for SJB hearing gave them a ring a nice lady on the other end asked the problem and said to come in the next day so made the appointment and went in and got it sorted for her. Very nice lady and spot on service thank you well recommended.” M.W, JULY 2020


“Amazing!! 100% recommend! Had mouldings taken for bespoke hearing protection, absolutely lovely ! Learnt lots from all my questions and moulding was painless and super relaxed !!! Thank you so much!!” B.F, JULY 2020


“Friendly, professional service given at a very good price. I will definitely visit you again should the need arise.

Thank you!” O.J, JULY 2020


“My ears were completely blocked! I emailed Sarah-Jane and she fitted me in the same day. Excellent service, pain procedure, very clean, worth every penny as I can now hear again!!” A.B FEB 2020


“Had a problem with wax in my ears for a few weeks. Gave SJB a call and got an appointment same day. Very pleasant and professional and relieved my symptoms quickly and painlessly. Would highly recommend.” M.B, JAN 2020


“Sarah-Jane, was absolutely amazing from the moment I first spoke to her over the phone all the way through. Sarah-Jane explained everything to me in a language that I understood, the test was thorough and not rushed. she even let me trial her demo hearing aids just to make sure I was ok with them. I would totally totally, totally recommend SJB hearing company to all of my family and friends without a doubt.” G.W, JAN 2020


“After trying and failing to get a NHS appt for my Dad, I tried SJB. I didn’t think I would get anywhere due to the rubbish the NHS were spouting. How wrong was I....Sarah-Jane from the get go was helpful, kind, professional and determined that she could help. All the way through the exam, test and fitting Sarah-Jane treated my Dad with dignity and completely made him and us - his family feel at ease. She is fab at her job and is a lovely lady too. I totally and utterly recommend Sarah-Jane to anyone with audiology issues.” H.B, JAN 2020



“For nearly 14 years I thought I had no eardrum and I wouldn’t be able to fully hear anything out my right ear again. Until I met Sarah-Jane. I was terrified I would need an op etc but she really supported me and gave me the confidence to let her check my ear and perform a hearing test. We actually found out that I did in fact have an eardrum-I nearly fell off my seat after being told I didn’t have one! Not only this but I was able to partially restore my hearing by wearing an aid. The difference it made when she let me trial an aid was so monumentally huge I cried when I heard the volume of noise I had been missing. I can’t thank Sarah enough for her kindness, warmth and professionalism. I will fully trust her with my hearing for the rest of my life! Thank you!” – R.M, Dec 2019